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Dr. Penn has spent over 30 years of practicing, education and learning how to help people with wellness. She has worked in the operating room, is creative with toiletry products, and practices wholeness care through chiropractic techniques. She has been featured in magazines and on podcasts teaching people about health and wellness. She is the founder of Pinpoint Chiropractic and Wellness where she is known for her niche in being thorough and helping patients who have had difficulties in getting their health solutions.

Some of Dr. Penn’s Talks

How to Transform Your Health in 30 Days

With the proliferation of fast-food restaurants and overly processed foods in supermarkets, it is increasingly more difficult to create a healthy, well-balanced & nutritional diet. Dr. Penn shows people how to increase the nutritional value of their diet, through food journaling, and the importance of recognizing how food “makes you feel.” She can offer her knowledge & practical strategies through large-venue speaking arenas or in smaller, more workshop environments. Participants will get REAL and practical ideas on how to eat, what to eat, what to look for when shopping or eating out to have a higher level of health & fitness. To live with more wellness.

It is all in the Mind!

Many of us have heard the saying “thoughts are things.” And most people know that our thoughts determine our actions, and therefore our stress levels and consequences. Dr. Penn will discuss how thoughts can also influence our health & wellness – both positively and negatively. Stress and negative thinking can literally cause muscles in your neck & shoulders to tighten, and thus cause a severe headache. She will outline the 3 critical actions we must take in order to change our thinking to actually improve our health & wellness. By replacing negative self-talk and emergency thinking with a more conscious focus on gratitude and recognizing small wins, people can often have better health and live a life of wellness.

It is the Food that is Eating Me

About 75% of our body consists of water. Without it, the body simply cannot function properly – it affects everything from digestion to inflammation, to cell disease, and even to good brain health. But most people don’t drink enough water – or even the right KIND of water. In her talk, Dr. Penn will focus on the crucial importance of drinking about a gallon per day of alkaline water. Processed foods typically tilt our body chemistry to acidic, which left unchecked, can wreak havoc on our health. Dr. Penn will outline 5 practical strategies for people to get MORE alkaline water into their bodies daily. By following these hydration tactics, we will eliminate more efficiently the toxins and free radicals that build up in our bodies when our intestinal systems don’t work at full capacity. Listeners or participants will come away from this talk with a clear understanding how much and what kind of water their body needs and how to meet those needs. Proper hydration = proper elimination = fewer toxins & free radicals = optimal health & wellness and less aches & pains or long-term disease.

It Takes as Long As You Take

Living in our fast-paced world, we are always looking for the “quick fix” – even & especially when it comes to our health, or resolving our pain issues. In her practice, Dr. Penn’s patients often will ask her “how long will it take to get better?” The answer to that question – it takes as long as YOU take – is the theme of this talk. Too often people accept a label for their health issue that limits them from seeking broader treatment options outside of the “traditional” approach of prescription drugs. If/when the prescriptions don’t produce a desired outcome, patients often just resign themselves to thinking that’s the best they can expect. Dr. Penn argues that patients need to “change their stories” about their health and not simply accept a treatment plan if it does not work. But YOU have to be an advocate for your own health, she says. And you have to do the work – you can’t look for a magical shortcut through medications.

  • participants to this talk/workshop will have a better understanding of what questions to ask of their health practitioners
  • how to better advocate for their own health, and
  • how to work with their body to allow it to naturally heal

By following Dr. Penn’s practical advice and suggestions, patients will more likely resolve their health issues more completely, more quickly, and for far less cost.


And reminder, your business must go on, no matter what’s happening on tv. You have power and influence to create a better world, use it. Don’t stop healing with your voice. We need your positive Word.

-Mimi The Motivator

Dr Lauren Penn is not only a great chiropractor, she is a powerful healer and someone who knows how to help people achieve wellness. Wellness is so much more than health: it is mind, body, spirit, passion, etc. I have heard Dr. Penn speak several times – she is always informative, engaging and spellbinding. She brings an immense amount of erudition & practical common sense to every topic she covers. I always come away from her talks with new insights and ideas and a renewed sense of the possible.

-Kent Felice

Dr. Lauren Penn is a phenomenal speaker. She’s a natural and is extremely passionate about healing through the skill of Chiropractic. The ultimate goal of her podcast appearance was to build awareness of her knowledge in the field and showcase her well-executed expertise. Her nutritional and holistic methods of advice are golden.

-Shellie Smith


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